Portion of cheese or salami or mixed
Green olives with garlic
Meatcroquette balls
Calamares in dip
Spring rolls
Large shrimp tales with fresh tartar
Hot appetizer mix
Bruschetta with sundried tomato tapenade
Bruschetta with pesto
Bruschetta with black olive tapenade
Bruschetta with anchovy butter
Bruschetta with smoked salmon

Six pieces or combination plate, ten pieces


Today’s soup
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with vegetables
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with vegetables and spaghetti saus
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with vegetables and egg sunny side up
Kaaskroket met gandaham, twee of drie stuks


Spaghetti ‘t Leetvermaak, large or small portion
Spaghetti carbonara, large or small portion
Lasagne ‘t Leetvermaak


Spaghetti vegetarian, large or small portion
Lasagne vegetarian
Fried cheese croutons, fresh salad, two or three pieces
Home made vegetables burgers
Salad with warm goat cheese


Can be served as a starter or main course
Salad with warm goat’s cheese, fried bacon and apples
Filled camembert on a salad with melon, grapes and nuts
Salad with smoked duck breast, fried bread and pine nuts
Salad with fried scampi, lukewarm vinaigrette
Ham and cheese croquettes, two or three pieces

Fish dishes

Home made shrimp croquettes, two or three pieces
Fettuccine with smoked salmon, mushrooms, broccoli and garden herbs sauce
Samar codi : Fresh red curry with shrimp, vegetables from the wok and basmati rice
Trio of fish with white wine sauce, pommes duchesse

Meat dishes

Mexican pancake with chile con carne
Canelones filled with little pieces of veal, chicken and young spinach
Chicken in red wine
Lamb stew
Beef skewer, red wine sauce
Osso Bucco
(Italian dish with veal)

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Desserts and ice cream

Home made chocolate mousse
Crème Brûlée
Vandaele’s almon parfait with home made raspberrie grout
Children’s ice cream
Dame Blanche
(Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream)
Café glaçé
(Mocha ice cream, coffee sauce, whipped cream)
Coupe Brésilienne
(Vanilla, mocha and almond ice, caramel sauce, grilled walnuts, whipped cream)

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